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Giving Dance Dancesport Team

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Juniors / Youth Intermediate class
Mondays at 6PM
Beginners Junior/Youth Class
Thursdays at 6PM
Dancesport Team practices
Saturday from 11AM to 1PM
Adult team meets
Every other Sunday at 2PM

Our coaches seek to maintain the highest standard in choreographic and formation work


Developing character is equally important as developing technique in the Giving Dance Youth Dancesport Program.  Dancers will learn to be courteous of others. Etiquette and treating others appropriately is expected.


It is our hope for our dancers to learn the life-long skill of setting a goal and sticking to it through participation in our program. Perseverance will be learned as the dancers apply hard work and effort in achieving their goals.


We believe that through teamwork many skills and attributes are learned. Respect for the other dancers and coaches is expected. Being supportive and encouraging each other as they all work toward their team goal will develop life-long friendships. 


It is our goal to have every dancer in our program furthering their technique on a consistent basis.  Competing individually in the syllabus, line, Ballroom, country, etc. and eventually the open categories will help foster this development.  

By learning dedication in our program, dancers learn to be dedicated in all aspects of their lives. We encourage the dancers to be well-rounded and participate in church, school, and extra-curricular activities that enrich their lives. Being trustworthy and dependable are important aspects of being a good team member.

The Giving Dance Dancesport Program is fantastic!

We, as a family, value the atmosphere in which students learn from seasoned professionals who truly care about each of them as individuals as well as the teams they are a part of, instilling in them that they each represent something bigger than themselves. The experiences and lessons our dancers have learned have are invaluable! Not only does each dancer developed their skills and abilities in dance, but they learn many life lessons. They have learned that hard work pays off. How to work together in a team setting, and how being a positive contributor is key to success. They rub shoulders with wonderful coaches and great dancers.
We are more than just a dance team. We give back to the community through outreach performances and volunteer work in the community. In partnership with Learn Dance Studio our dancers have the opportunity for group classes, privates, special workshops with coaches and much more. We have studio showcases, dances as well as attending local dances as a team, competitions and local events.
We have our junior team, our youth and college team as well as our adult team. We do all styles from Ballroom to Country to Line dancing to Cabaret. The team has been very successful in the UCWDC circuit where they won their first World Title in 2015 in the Teams Cabaret division. Since then every year they have come home with one to five World titles in the various team divisions.
Our dance teams do field trips together from Whirly Ball, Pizza parties, roller-skating to much more. We are truly a dance family that trains together, works hard together and has fun together. We believe that there is more to a team than just going to practice together. We welcome dancers that train at other studios to join us as members of our team. All styles and abilities are welcome to be part of our dance family.

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